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Last update : August 29 2019

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BrightSoft BVBA is your reliable partner for your technical software development in the domain between industrial automation and the "pure" bureautic-environment. It is the domain where on the one hand a (e.g.) PLC programmer's bureautic- knowledge, and on the other hand the technical PLC knowledge of the bureautic-programmer come too short.
Because how frequently doesn't it happen that the data of for instance an industrial PLC-system need further treatment in a bureautic- environment? That's where the PLC programmer starts feeling uneasy. And from the other side, the bureautic-programmer doesn't completely feel at home in the PLC domain. That's exactly where BrightSoft offers it's knowledge, hereby backed by it's years of technical IT-experience.
We offer our services as well project-based (fixed price beforehand) as well as on an hourly (or daily) price.

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